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Evidence-based health coaching in combination mind, body and breath practices

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or burnt out and you are struggling to change or maintain behaviours that can support your health.....

Who do I help?

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed or burnout and……

You might know what you’d like to do to improve your health but you’re struggling with how to make that change happen.

You could be finding it difficult to eat well or to do the exercise you’ve planned.

You’re having difficulty getting to sleep or wake up feeling tired.

Or you’re trying to manage your stress levels so you can keep yourself feeling energised.

You could be working long hours or caring for others at the expense of your health.

Or you’re managing a health condition or you want to maintain your health and prevent things happening down the track.


Or you’re simply overwhelmed about even where to start….


How do I help you?

By taking an intentional and less reactive approach to your health, clients often find different and innovative ways to support their health and wellbeing and are more able to sustain the changes for the long-term.

I provide a calm, safe and supportive environment to help you pause, reflect and determine what’s important to you and your health – and what steps you need to take.

I provide the latest insights, tools and support so you can get started and make small changes to your lifestyle which often end up making a big difference to how you feel in the long-term – both physically and mentally.


My mission is to help you bridge the gap between your health aspirations and your daily life. Dependent on your unique needs I can :

Provide insights on health and wellbeing, lifestyle medicine, behaviour and habit change through workshops and presentations.

Facilitate health & lifestyle programs on how to improve your health and make sustainable behaviour change.

Support you with Health & Wellbeing Coaching for personalised and ongoing guided support to help with what matters to you.

Guide you with evidence-based tools to improve your breathing and reduce stress.

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Scientifically proven for deep-seated change

The insights and tools are supported by research from some of the world’s leading academics in the field of health and science. Many of the tools and programs have been validated in studies to improve health and wellbeing for the long term.

I take an evidence-based holistic approach on the latest research from the fields of Lifestyle Medicine, Neuroscience, Physiology, Coaching Psychology and Behaviour Science


“Vanita has really inspired me to dig deep within myself for the keys to my well-being through truly thought-provoking inquiry. She is an intent listener with the ability to read between the lines to really get to the root of the issue, in a way that always brings me to an aha-moment. 

Vanita uses her expansive toolkit wisely and knows when to employ certain strategies, such as breathing techniques and mindfulness – which had a profound calming effect on me in one of my sessions when I was particularly frazzled. 

I could go on, but will say that she is a phenomenal thought-partner whose wealth of knowledge and skilful approach are invaluable to anyone looking to enhance their well-being and find joy.”