About Our Founder

As Founder of Ayubowan, Vanita provides support for busy professionals, organisations, GPs and health professionals to find their optimal picture of health and wellbeing and then help bridge the gap between their health aspirations and the challenges of daily life.

Trained by some of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners in health, wellbeing and behaviour change, she is able to translate this into unique insights, tools and support to help her client and help them wherever they are at with their health.

Throughout her career, Vanita has helped and supported others to help achieve their goals. She has worked and collaborated with people around the world, with a diverse range of backgrounds, roles and experiences. She’s been trusted by some of Australia’s biggest brands in food and developed key partnerships with organisations of all sizes.

Vanita has an ability to see a bigger picture, the connections, and how to bring it together. She helps others to see the path forward towards achieving the outcome even when the picture seems a little uncertain.

She has a friendly inquisitive nature, and often provides clients a unique perspective. She is an intent listener, and can truly connect with her clients to understand their unique needs. She provides a calm, safe and supportive space for them to explore and develop a picture. She helps them understand their level of motivation, their strengths and helps them work through the challenges and obstacles they face, so that they can achieve their ideal health and overall wellbeing.

When they achieve their goals, clients are often surprised by the simple steps they took to do this. But they often look back and can understand it all worked because they had the right support and tools they needed to get there.

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Health Coaching in Sydney from Ayubowan

How the journey began....

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to our own health. Finding solutions and support to help bridge the gap between our health aspirations and the demands of daily life is something which has always intrigued and inspired me throughout my career in health and consumer behaviour.

I’ve experienced the challenges of balancing the demands of a corporate role, travel and family and the physical and mental toll this can take on a person’s health. I was always 'on the go', whilst I enjoyed what I did, I worked long hours and was often tired and exhausted.

Three visits to the Hospital Emergency department (in the space of a couple of weeks), diagnosis of a rare medical condition, numerous adverse side effects from the medications, meant I had to stop and slow down. It was a challenging both physically and mentally, and to be honest, quite confronting. I needed to put my health first, and needed to learn how to slow down.

I used my science background and experience in health research to look for answers. There was limited research about the disease other than treating the symptoms. The most promising outcomes were shown in lifestyle modifications and behaviour change in similar health conditions.

I used my experience in strategy development to develop my own ideal picture of health and undertook a number of initiatives I called 'Operation-Calm the Farm'. I began to experiment with the results of my research, some improvements were immediate and others took more time. What intrigued me was that some of the smallest changes over time had an enormous impact - like retraining my breath. I found I slowly moved towards better health but it took time and effort and wanted to understand why.

I spent many years presenting insights, and worked with clients and colleagues from around the world to help them develop strategies and find solutions to address their needs. I decided I wanted to use this professional experience and my own personal experience to help busy professionals like yourself, develop strategies and find sustainable solutions to help support your health whist keeping up with the challenges of daily life.

I saw the efficacy and results of bridging the gap in the new newly-emerging field of Health Coaching as a solution to help bridge the gap between our intentions and actual behaviour, and provide support along the journey.

The profound impact of changing how I breathe which also helped improve my health was something I wanted to understand on a deeper level, so I undertook training as an instructor.

With my experience and understanding of science and health, I was heartened to find evidence-based solutions and like-minded health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine and recently obtained my Fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine.

Vanita's Qualifications

Masters of Human Nutrition

BComm/BAppSci (Food and Nutrition)

Graduate Certificate of Management


  • Fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine – Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM)


  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional – International Board of Lifestyle Medicine & Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine


  • National Board Health & Wellness Coach (NBHWC) Accreditation


  • RYT200 Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) undergoing RYT500 training


  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches)
  • Certified Integrative Health & Well-being Coach, Yoga Coach, Team Well-being and Genius Breaks Coach (YogaMedCo)
  • Culinary Coaching (The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Network)
  • Certified Senior Habit Change Practitioner (Habit Change Institute)
  • First Aid & Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • Breathwork Instructor (Oxygen Advantage & Butekyo Clinic)
  • Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health Certification (The Neuroscience Academy)
  • Shared Medical Appointment Facilitator (ASLM)


  • Professional Member of Health Coaches Association of Australia & New Zealand (HCANZ)
  • Fellow- Institute of Coaching, McLean Affiliate of Harvard Medical School