Workshops and Programs


I can provide you with the latest research and insights on Health, Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour Change to help empower you to support your health and wellbeing. 

About the Workshops and Programs.......

Using a combination of story-telling and evidence-based research, the workshops and programs cover topics such as :

  • How can we measure well-being, can we measure stress?
  • How does compassion help our health and performance, especially self-compassion?
  • Principles of Lifestyle Medicine
  • What does it take to change our habits ? Learn the principles and the neuroscience of habit change to see how to change your habits for the long term
  • How we breathe can affect our health & performance, and tools to help support our breath and emotional regulation (for more details see our Breathwork page)


Programs and workshops are online so you can join from wherever you are in the world.

Learn about the range of programs and workshops below. 

Looking for something more customised to meet your needs ?

I can deliver a presentation, workshop or program in either  of the following formats : 

  • Personal one-on-one sessions
  • In Group settings 
  • Face to Face
  • Online using Zoom


I can facilitate and deliver any of our workshops or programs in a community, workplace or as part of a Shared Medical Appointment program.

If you would like a presentation or something that is more customised to meet your needs, please send me a message on the contact page and I will get in contact with you. 

How I Help Support Health ProfessionaLS

How I help support OrganisatioNS

CHIP Complete Health Improvement Program by Ayubowan in Australia by Vanita Smith

Complete Health

Program - Online videos and 12 facilitated sessions

The CHIP Program is an intensive lifestyle medicine intervention designed to prevent and facilitate the prevention or potential reversal of common chronic health issues. It looks at eating, exercise, mental well-being, social connectedness, sense of agency and meaning and encompasses ‘whole-person health’. The program introduces validated principles and has generated over 40 published scientific studies showing measurable clinical results.

This program is ideal as part of a shared medical appointment program. 

I am an endorsed provider and facilitator of the CHIP program.


The Lift

Program - Online videos and 10 facilitated sessions

The Lift Project is a program where you’ll learn strategies to help enhance wellbeing. You will explore topics (with an emphasis on mental wellbeing and resilience) that are design to lift individuals, groups, communities and organisations.

Several studies have shown this program helps improve mental health and the goal of The Lift Project is to lift 10 million lives.

I am an endorsed provider and facilitator of The Lift Project. 

Kitchen Medicine Workshop in Sydney

Kitchen Medicine

Program - Online videos and 6 facilitated sessions

Help overcome the barriers to home cooking or eating whole-food plant-based foods.

The program includes teaching culinary skills, food education and meal preparation to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of cooking at home and see whole food as essential kitchen medicine.


Habit Change and Weight Loss Programs by Vanita Smith from Ayubowan

Changing your habits and behaviours


Looking to change habits and re-ignite your health and wellbeing ?  Learn how to change your habits for the long term. 

We will explore your current habits and how you can make or break habits. Learn how your emotions impact your habits and the neuroscience of changing your habits, based on the research from world-leading neuroscientists and behavioural scientists. You will have the opportunity to put your learnings into practice.

Health benefits of understanding breathing

Re-calibrate your Health & Well-being


Are you more reactive than proactive when it comes to your health & wellbeing? Are you stuck in a rut ? Are you looking for long-term sustainable change?

You will be provided with insights, and support to construct a vision and a blue-print of your health & well-being. You will be given support as you determine and develop your own personal strategies to help improve your overall health & wellbeing.

Together, we will explore all areas of health and well-being including physical, mental, emotional, social, financial wellbeing as well as purpose.

Based on research from some of the world’s leading researchers on well-being and behaviour change, topics include self-care, compassion, burnout, emotional agility, post-traumatic growth, how to measure stress, and where are you invest your time and talents.